Living with roommates just got easier.
enhance communication between roommates by tracking chores, expenses and other important house information
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Features of Roomiez
Manage expenses between roommates without constantly pulling out your calculator. Never worry about getting reimbursed when picking up the tab, splitting groceries, or lending money to that one roommate.
Assign responsibilities to housemates so everyone’s clear about what’s expected of them. Use the anonymous “nag” feature to send reminders. A surefire way to avoid awkward confrontations and death stares.
Leave notes for your roommates to keep them updated. Whether you’re going away for the weekend or need some quiet time, pin a note and master those communication skills.
Why Roomiez?
Always running out of milk and other household items?
Picture this: you wake up in the morning and are ready to start your day with a hot cup of coffee. You head for the fridge for some milk only to discover that you have none because your roommate had it all with their cereal this morning. While you’re not surprised, you are frustrated and that’s where Roomiez comes in.
Using Roomiez Messenger, you can always keep your roommates up-to-date on which household item or essential is running low before it runs out so they can pick some up on their way home from work or school.
Finding it hard to get work done in your house?
Too many parties? Too much loud music? Too much chatter? Too many distractions?
If you answered yes to even one of those questions, then Roomiez Messenger is for you. Pin announcements for your roommates ahead of time so you can have slots in place for some peace and quiet, studying, cooking, cleaning, television watching and/or more without unnecessary disruptions. Simply post the announcement on your selected day and your roommates will be notified immediately.
Constantly reminding your roommate to send you money they owe you?
We’ve all had roommates who love to borrow funds only to forget the amount they asked once it’s been spent, which does not look good for your bank account. Quit worrying about jotting down notes on your phone or setting reminders in your calendar when Roomiez has got your back. Simply use the Expenses feature to track, split, and send reminder notifications to your roommates to send you money as soon as they borrow it.
Always have dishes in the sink?
Are you tired of walking into your kitchen and not finding a clean plate for your pasta? Tired of seeing the sink filled with dirty dishes with no signs of an attempt at loading the dishwasher? The worst part is… the dishes aren’t yours but you have a good idea which roommate is responsible. Using the Chores feature, you can schedule a one-time or recurring chore for your roommate to wash their dishes and have more clean ones to go around.