Shows the Roomiez logo on an iPhone (center), along with two additional iPhone screens showcasing the Bulletin feature (right) and the Chores feature (left)

Our Mission

Roomiez aims to create a more sustainable living environment by enabling roommates to track their shared finances and communicate with each other effortlessly. Whether you are living with friends, family, or strangers, we want to provide each user with the opportunity to make their living situation feel like home.

Meet the Team

Executive Team
Picture of Shriji Shah, Co-Founder & CEO of Roomiez & parent company Project Bunker

Shriji Shah

Co-Founder & CEO

Picture of Tomiwa Oladele, Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer of Roomiez and parent company Project Bunker.

Tomiwa Oladele

Co-Founder & CTO

Development Team
Picture of Femi Ajayi, Head of Engineering for Roomiez

Femi Ajayi

Head of Engineering

Picture of Shaquille David, Software Engineer for Roomiez.

Shaquille David

Software Engineer

Picture of Krishna Murali, UX Researcher for Roomiez.

Krishna Murali

UX Researcher

Marketing Team
Picture of Abdullah Idrees, Marketing Team Lead for Roomiez

Abdullah Idrees

Marketing Team Lead

Picture of Surekka Balasubramaniam, Digital Marketer for Roomiez.


Digital Marketer