Frequently Asked Questions

How do you split bills between roommates?
Roomiez’s expense feature allows you to track daily expenses and request money from each roommate involved in any mutual transaction. To split a bill you paid for with a roommate:
1) Navigate to the Expenses feature on your app by pressing the "$" symbol
2) Select the roommate you’d like to split your bill with
3) Enter the amount you are owed
4) Name the expense (i.e., pizza, pasta, potato chips, sodas, groceries, etc.) and tap continue
5) Tap “request” and your roommate(s) will be sent a notification requesting funds

How do you separate chores between roommates?
The “Chores” feature in the Roomiez app can be used to conveniently delegate chores and tasks to yourself and your roommate(s). To get started:
1) Tap on the Chores feature by pressing on the three circles sign at the bottom of your screen
2) Once a room has been selected, press the + button
3) Assign the chore to a roommate of your choice or yourself
4) Select the location where your chore will occur (ex: outdoor, kitchen, shared spaces, washroom, other)
5) Choose how frequently you would like the chore to occur (ex: once, every day, every 2 days, etc.)
6) Write a name or description of the assigned chore
7) Request it from the roommate selected in step 3

Where can you make announcements?
To make group announcements and communicate with all of your roommates, use the Bulletin feature:
1)Select the Bulletin feature button by pressing the chat symbol
2) Choose the date you would like your announcement or bulletin post to show up
3) Tap the + button and write your post. Examples include:
     a) “Studying over the weekend. Please keep it down.”
     b) “I’ll be out of the house Wednesday. Text me if you need anything.”
     c) “Rent is due tomorrow. Please don’t forget to transfer it to me. Thanks!”
     d) “Fire alarm testing taking place today between 11 am and 1 pm. Be ready, y’all”
     e) “Grocery list: carrots, canned beans, cucumbers, tomatoes, and mozzarella cheese.” 
4) Click the submit button and you’re good to go
5) You can also press and hold your post to pin it to the top of your chosen date  

My roommate hasn't done an assigned task. How do I send a reminder?

Use the “Nag” command to follow up with a missed task or chore should your roommate have been strapped for time.
1) Within the Chores section of the Roomiez app, press and hold your chore of choice
2) Tap on the Nag option and a notification will be sent to your roommate.

How can I send money to someone instantly with Roomiez?
While the Roomiez app does not handle direct money transfers, you can use online payment transfer applications including but not limited to online bank transfers, Paypal, Interac, Western Union, and more.

How many roommates can I have on the Roomiez app?
You can have as many roommates as you would like added to your “House” or group on the app.

How do I add a roommate to my House?
To add a roommate:  
1) Hop on the home page marked by the “house” symbol
2) Scroll to the bottom and tap “Invite a Roommate!”
3) You can select text message, email, or other communication option to share the Roomiez download and sign-up link with your roommate
4) When your roommate clicks the link, they will be guided through our setup process and be added to your house group

Is Roomiez hiring right now?
To keep up with opportunities with Roomiez, check out our Careers page (coming soon!)

Where can I download the Roomiez app?

You can download the Roomiez app from the App Store for iPhone/iPad or the Google Play Store for your Android cellular/mobile device.

Are you active on social media?
For sure! You can follow us on Instagram,LinkedIn, &TikTok